August Mixtape

This month’s list is, admittedly, all over the place… as was I.

I spent a lot of time in August coming back down to the task at hand after spinning off into the echo chambers of internal anxiety. My wife and I are having a first baby and August was the home stretch. As of this post, she hasn’t gone into labor but she could pretty much go at any moment now.Peter Broderick

The prospect of having a child stirs up a lot of personal history. Whether I wanted to or not, I have been compelled to reflect on what it will mean for me to be a father given my own father’s devastating failures. Needless to say, my work has been affected.

Last month, I spent the majority of my time finishing first drafts. It is no wonder so much of this month’s list is grounded in the quietly assuring susurrations of Peter Broderick and the calming pieces by AlessanGirl Band - The Early Yearsdro Cortini and Son Lux. Writing first drafts, like living, is done completely in faith. You have a certain plan you’ve created in the form of an outline and some filled out characters but that is no guarantee the narrative will go the way you thought it might. Nor does an outline comfort a writer that he or she will be able to show up when needed. Like David Hume’s
essay On Miracles, just because something has happened in the past is no proof that it will definitely happen in the future. All of our reasoning is based in observations of the past. A first draft is difficult because it is an exercise of the essential present tense.

This month’s list is a prayer as much as a reflection of my inner state. I needed many of these songs to comfort my neurosis as much as they, in turn, reflected how I felt. Songs like “Something On Your Mind” by Karen Dalton, “Lawman” by Girl Band, and “Wawa”by Lizzy Mercier Descloux would probably not have been so appealing in other months.

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