Day 15: The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears

31 Days in October, 31 Horror Films – 2015

Day 15: The Strange Colour of Your Body’s TearsStrange-Colour...-quad-poster

Someone gives you a tab of acid. Later, they splash cans of housepaint on you. The experience is mesmerizing.

That is my take on this art house giallo riff by Belgian co-writer-directors Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani. The sound design is exquisite, the storyboarding and visual effects are compelling, and the surface of genre tropes stays coherent and delightfully Freudian.

How you enjoy this film depends on how strongly you feel about narrative. If you’re a take it or leave it kind of viewer, well then there is plenty to feast on here. If, however, you like to know exactly what is happening and why, run from this film. Run fast. You are not welcome here.

I can appreciate the artful cinematography and I certainly love the source material this film draws from. I even appreciate the various thematic rhymes these filmmakers discovered in the process of creating. It is a rich film and though, surely criticized by less experienced viewers, one can’t fault a poem for not being a novel.

There are undeniably gorgeous and evocative sequences in this film: the sex scene with a mirror (it isn’t vulgar, you have to see it), the inhabited body slicing it’s way out from the inside, the wife who must listen for her husband in the ceiling with an old stethoscope. How these sequences come together is what divides this film from narrative. They gel, but on a slanted angle and the filmmakers give just enough plot to remain coherent, though politely elusive.

I recommend this film to the experienced, the adventurous and to those interested in visual poetry. I do NOT recommend this film for the Friday night horror seeker hungry for jump scares.

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