May Mixtape

May was a month filled with stress and anticipation. I stopped even attempting to write on the 4th and I got married on the 24th. In the midst of all the detail work of planning and fixing last minute problems I simultaneously attempted to get into a band I felt I never gave a fair chance. Red House Painters.

I got married!

I got married!

I tried. I really, really tried and maybe I’ll revisit this old band again but there was an untouchable quality to the work, which prevented me from remembering their songs immediately after hearing one. This light touch, needless to say, was too delicate for me to appreciate in the weeks leading up to the big event.

What did stick? A mix of nostalgic hits (we played You’re the best from the Karate Kid soundtrack as our bride and groom exit music… yeah, it was awesome) and two passionate voices: Circuit Des Yeux and Torres. Why these two? To begin with, they were put in front of me this month after each one released a new album. I also think they each have an artistic charisma, which commands the attention of their listeners. Whether through Mackenzie Scott’s haunting lyricism or the unpredictable creative energy of Haley Fohr these two artists punched through the high anxiety of May and resounded.

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