September Mixtape

A short list for September. I didn’t have time to listen to a lot of music. My wife gave birth to our son, Maddox Alberto Alvarez, 31993341_800_800and living with a newborn didn’t give much me much time for writing or listening. Everything in my life halted and has been melting into a new form of living for the last 3 weeks.

What is here, are the songs I did listen to and songs that inspired me in my hours of hazy sleepless living. Mozart figured into the month, as did a lot of music I didn’t actually enjoy (I didn’t include any of that on this list). I got really picky, er, discerning this month as my weariness left me very little patience for artist projects which require patience to understand.

If there is an overarching trend on this list it is that these songs are all soothing in their own way. Either the melodies swing low and soft as in Panda Bear’s Crosswords EP mix or their flights of melody progress so logically that they contain a soothing mathematical satisfaction, as in the aria from Act one of Mozart’s The Magic Flute.


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