The Mixtape Project

I listen to a lot of music. It is constant, in fact. My player of choice is Spotify and I have it running in the background all day. Well, not completely in the background. It is an important part of my life. It is the rhythm of my days and a reflection of my inner world.

What I listen to is eclectic. Music expands and broadens the mind so I take the task of listening as seriously as I take the task of writing. Often I will force myself to listen to something I don’t quite appreciate until I can come to some kind of terms with it. This is how I formed a relationship with some bands that are currently my absolute favorite. I hated Pavement’s Slanted and Enchanted the first time I heard it. I thought Stephen Malkmus’ voice was just awful. A long stretch of listening later and I could pick up the poetry in his lyrics and the truly mellifluous quality of his phrasings.

The Mixtape Project

Although I often listen to new music I still edit and maintain an archive of artists and albums I like. Most of these are in public playlists on Spotify but since I so often get asked for music recommendations I thought I’d commit to this exercise. I know from experience I have a hard time posting with any regularity to social media sites. New content gets pushed in waves of focus. Daily has been seemingly impossible. Weekly postings are just as daunting. Monthly, however, I can do. Particularly when I’m creating the content throughout the month without changing my routine.

Every month I am going to publish a mixtape pieced together from the tracks and moods of the previous month. You can listen

Pavement's debut album

Pavement’s debut album

to the mixtape here on this site or you can follow me on Spotify and watch each public mixtape being created over time.

With each publication on this site I’m going to attempt to make short notes about the music I found particularly moving (or revolting) and how that might have related to my life and work while I was listening.

Of course, I’m already a month behind (I actually started this project in April but only just now got around to publishing something about it). So you get 2 new mixtapes right away.

As always, please subscribe to my site if you’d like an email letting you know when I have a new post up. I also love to read comments so fire away with your awesome music suggestions and opinions.

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